Andrew Brzeczkowski


Born in Mentor, OH, Andrew moved to Columbus for school and never left. He didn’t touch an instrument until he was 16 when his stepbrother shoved a guitar and amp in his face while leaving his mom’s. He left him with one statement, “Go home and learn this”. Fast forward 10 years and Andrew has been addicted to playing music ever since. While originally a guitarist thanks to his stepbrother, he fell in love with drumming from Rock Band. Around age 22 at the end of college he purchased his first drum set and became enamored with smashing those wooden cylinders. Andrew has always loved high energy music and the drums speak to it – bashing the cymbals and beating the toms until his hands bled became his favorite pastime. His key influences are far heavier than his counterparts in Cotter, loving metal more than life itself. You won’t see as many metal influences in the drum tracks but catch him playing guitar and that’s all you’ll find. One lucky run in with guitarist/vocalist Zach resulted in Andrew joining Cotter…..and Cotter being stuck with their long-haired arm-flailing whiskey-loving drummer.


Lamb of God, Avenged Sevenfold, Fit for A King, Wage War, Beartooth, Four Year Strong, Pantera, Silverstein


Yahama Stage Customs Birch (Black) 
Sabian AAX Explosion 14” & 16” Fast Crashes
Vic Firth 5A Sticks