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What a year this has been! 

Hey friends and fans, 

Zach here. We'll be putting more focus into this website in the upcoming weeks. A little update: this past year has been kind of incredible. We've released two new singles with Jakob Mooney with a little help from Will from Beartooth and Adam from STARSET (none of which would have been possible without your help from those dope Baseball Tee sales. We went from having played only 2 shows ever this time last year to what will be 12 total by the end of 2021... one of them being a sold out headliner and the other opening for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. We've also already got a start on 2022 with our first Promowest show at the A&R Music Bar with our friends in Hello Luna. 

We've made a ton of new friends and fans; especially those in the Columbus music scene. We've got a new merch store up and running on this website so definitely check that out when you get a chance.

In the meantime please check out our Columbus homies on a special playlist we curated called The 614 Scene on Spotify. 

A Message from Zach 

Today is a very important milestone in my life as a musician. For the first time in my 21 years as a guitarist and songwriter I have finally been able to release something that I (along with the rest of Cotter) have poured my heart and soul into to a worldwide audience via Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

We haven't even been a full band for a year now and I can look back and recall when these songs were just an idea on paper-- a few words scribbled on a page-- no music, no structure-- just an idea. Those ideas with the help of Howard, Ethan, Kyle, and Andrew became something I'm real damn proud of. As of this moment the songs on On Sunset have just under 1500 streams on Spotify alone. "Clumsy" has been streamed on Spotify in 24 different countries. Add to that the hundreds of plays we've had on Apple Music and our music videos on YouTube.

What this really comes down to is that this couldn't have been possible without the friends and fans supporting us, buying our merch, tickets to our shows, tuning into our livestreams, facebook likes and shares, text messages asking me when the EP is going to drop, sharing our music with your friends and family because you believe in what we're doing. I've never had "fans" before. It's truly a humbling experience.

Big thanks to Joel Shedlock and Trevor Boggs for the amazing work you guys did on the EP at Weird Music Studios and for recommending Frank Mareno to produce a badass music video for us. Also thanks to Caleb Williams, Tanner Ray Sellers, Jason Kastrup, Myah Daron, Haley Tandy, Nate Deuber, and Tessa Barrett for joining in on the vocals on the EP as well as Doug Fairbanks for the livestream. Thank you also to Will Daniel for showing Howard and I what a full band Cotter song had the potential to sound like as well as taking the chance on booking us to play with Heavy Things and Liberty Deep Down for our very first show when no one had ever heard of us. Thanks to Leah Schneider for writing us a super dope band bio and finally thank you to Katelyn Graf, Adam Berta, Amy Le, and Trent Bourke for all of the amazing photography you've done for us that we've continued to use to promote ourselves and this EP.

This by far has been the most fun and rewarding musical endeavor I've ever been a part of and we're just getting started. I don't know where this is going to go and if anyone outside of our current fanbase will see the potential you all see in us to move us forward but I'm incredibly grateful for the milestones you've helped us reach so far. I thank you and I love you for that. If you haven't listened yet, it's everywhere now. If you don't have a premium streaming subscription you can check out the EP on Soundcloud or We're only going to get anywhere because we have such an awesome group of friends and fans that have been incredibly supportive of us. Without you guys Cotter is just a few dudes with some words and instruments. You've all helped us bring this EP to life and I can't express how grateful that makes the 5 of us.

Thank you again for your continued support. We couldn't have done it without you.

I love you all,


So we have a website 

...and you're here! That's awesome. We're adding content and new features as quickly as we can. While you're here we invite you to join our mailing list since that's a thing we're doing now to keep you up to date with what we're up to. 


<3 Z